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Bonfire Night

As Bonfire night approaches, here at Grampian Pet Services support the Scottish SPCA in issuing its annual warning that fireworks can have a serious impact on the welfare of animals.

We are reminding people to bear in mind that fireworks season can be a very stressful time of year for pet owners who are trying to protect their animals from the fear and distress they can cause.

Animals have heightened senses and their hearing is much stronger than ours.

The bang from a firework is terrifying to an animal and some will panic and flee at the sound, which can result in road traffic accidents. The SPCA have even received reports of swans flying into electricity pylons and horses being badly injured after running through barbed wire fences.

Owners should ensure their animals are kept indoors during Bonfire Night with sufficient background noise to prevent damage to their hearing from the loudest fireworks. People can forget that a dog’s hearing is twice as sensitive as a human’s and a cat’s is three times as sensitive.

The current legal noise limit for a firework is 120 decibels – humans are advised to wear ear protection when exposed to noise above 80 decibels. A typical pneumatic drill would measure around 100 decibels.

For dogs, the most important aspect is companionship and ensuring they are not left home alone.

The SPCA have posters highlighting the dangers of fireworks available and we will be displaying them throughout the festive period here at Grampian Pet Services.To request copies please phone the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999

We recently shared a handy tip on helping your pet this bonfire night with can be found below.

The wrap is designed to calm your dog so he doesn't get the urge to run away, getting lost or running into traffic. If you don't feel like making the wrap yourself, you can purchase a similar creation called the Thundershirt that has the same calming effects.

With this simple trick, you could help keep your dog feeling safe and much less anxious during fireworks and other loud holiday noises.

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