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Useful tools for raw feeding

Use the feeding calculator to determine how much raw food to feed your dog. The calculator takes into consideration age and current weight. Please note that this is just a guide and you should also consider your pets' activity levels and overall body condition and adjust accordingly.

For puppies (12 months and under), it is important to keep on top of their changing weight as they grow and adjust their food intake regularly!

Looking to transition your dog to a raw diet but unsure where to start? Follow this simple guide to help you slowly introduce a variety of proteins to your dogs diet. It is reccomended to feed at least 5 different protein sources on rotation, this allows your dog access to a wider variety of vitamins & nutrients.

Are you considering or have you recently switched your dog to a raw diet but been advised against it by your vet? This is a common problem amongst raw feeders and you should not let this put you off!

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