What is Bone broth?
Bone broth is a liquid gel, Extracted from selected bone and connective tissue that contains natural proteins and minerals that are not always associated with your pets diet.

These proteins and minerals play a vital role when it comes to conditions such as Arthritis, Food Allergies, Gut Health and so much more....
And looks like this

Comes in handy resealable pouches and contains 500ml
of lamb or beef pure 100% natural bone broth
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Bone Broth is produced from fresh
Beef or Lamb Bone.
Bone broth is used for:
Helping your pet overcome food Intolerances & Allergies.
Help with Improving the joint health & regeneration of Cartilage.
Helping dogs with arthritis, joint pain and hip dysplasia
Supports the immune system & helps with sick & recovering pets.
Supporting the bone structure of growing pups & kittens.

Lamb Bone Broth 500ml