A succulent mince made from 35% goose, 55% tripe and 10% bone. Feed as a flavourful non-complete meal or as a nutritious ingredient in DIY raw recipes.
Goose is an excellent source of riboflavin and vitamin B-6, essential for transferring food to energy, and is therefore excellent for active, sporting and working dogs. Goose is high in cholesterol and fat, and should be served on occasion rather than an integral component of a raw diet. Goose is an excellent protein source for underweight dogs to gain a healthy weight. With iron levels higher in goose (compared to beef, chicken or pork), goose is excellent for red blood formation essential for oxygen transportation.
Low in fat and full of flavour, green tripe is a wonder food, containing natural probiotics and gastric juices that aid digestion, food absorption, as well as vitamins that support immunity. As tripe is the untreated contents of a ruminating animal’s stomach or intestines, it has a natural, distinct aroma, which varies seasonally determined by the animal’s diet. Ground bone maintains healthy teeth and gums, provides calcium for bone development, and roughage to gently firm stools allowing the anal sacs to be fully emptied.
The Raw Factory minces are textured, moist (not wet) and retain their shape when defrosted. Even when frozen, the minces break apart conveniently into portions. Minces move easily within the packaging, allowing for flexibility in refrigeration and storage, as well as ease of defrosting.

Goose and tripe 1kg