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With the Scottish government announcing that it will make micro chipping compulsory for dogs, both Scotland and Wales are working towards introducing compulsory micro chipping by April 2016, though the exact dates are not confirmed yet.


Under the regulations, your dog is micro chipped when you implant the dog with a chip and register your details on an approved database such as Petlog. If you do not get your dog micro chipped or your details registered on an approved database, then it will be considered as not complying with the regulations and a notice may be served.


If the keeper does not microchip their dogs within 21 days of the served notice, then you will be liable to pay a fine of £500.


Here at Grampian Pet services, we are able to offer a mobile micro-chipping service, so your beloved pet can have this minor procedure carried out in the comfort of their own homes.


One of our trained and qualified staff will come to your home and carry out the full procedure and guide you through the registration process along with all the paperwork.


All for just a one of fee of £15.


Please contact us for more info.

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